Plaspi Set for Sale

I am willing to sell my own Plaspi set.

These days Plaspi toy construction kits are extremely rare and collectible. The original Plaspi kits have very limited amount of parts, therefore to express your creativity you need parts from several kits combined togather. My set contains a mix of parts from 5 different original Plaspi kits; every part in my set is in very decent condition. I will include all the manuals and assembly instruction. My set is coming in a new plastic box, all parts inside are sorted and sealed.

My asking price is $500 US Dollars (including shipping cost to most of countries) to be paid via PayPal.

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History of Plaspi


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What is Plaspi

Plaspi was East German company during USSR era famous among children of Soviet Bloc countries for manufacturing plastic architectural building toy kits. The plastic kits could be used to assemble multistory-buildings, hotels, bridges, garages, etc., modeled after the typical building style of the GDR(German Democratic Republic) of 1970s. Five different types of sets were produced, and sold primarily in GDR, Russia and Poland. There were extremely limited quantities of the kits produced for export outside of Soviet Bloc, and sold mainly in the United Kingdom under a different brand name.

Plaspi-made houses had very distinct look:
Plaspi Set

Plaspi sets were modeled after an actual building style:
Plaspi sets were modeled after an actual building style

Plaspi construction kits contained white plastic wall panels and blue plastic beams. Flat red panels formed the roofs. Similar panels in white formed the intermediate floors. Wall panels came in a variety of designs, including different windows and doors. Green vases were clipped to windows, and red balconies were connected to door panels. There were also large clear shop-style windows, and parts to allow the construction of gabled roofs, revolving doors, and other components. Trees, animals, tractors and other toys were also included.

Children loved the sets! Many now adults still keep small model houses designed in their childhood using Plaspi plastic parts.

Plaspi has ceased production in 1990, ending over 30 years of history of education and stimulation the creativity of young architects.

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