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SEO Glossary


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SEM(Search Engine Marketing) - The field of marketing a Web site so that it gains more targeted traffic and conversions from search engines.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) - Making a Web site the best it can be for the search engines as well as for site visitors.

SEV(Search Engine Visibility) - Techniques to ensure that most or all of your Web site pages are included in search engines' indexes.

SiteMap (HTML) - A clickable table of contents/index listing all the pages (or all the main categories of pages) of a Web site.

Keyword - A word(s) that a person might type into a search engine's search box.

Site Audit - The review of a Web site to see how it can be improved to be the best it can be for the search engines and its users.

Google - The world's most popular search engine.

Organic Listing - Any listing that shows up in the unpaid results of a search engine.

PageRank - Google's internal measurement denoting the number and importance of links pointing to any given URL.

Search Query - The words that a person types into a search engine to find what they are looking for.

Rankings - The positions in which Web pages appear in the search engine results for any given search query.

Referrer - The previous Web page in which a person clicked on a link to find the current Web page.

Traffic - The people who browse a Web site.

Usability - The ease with which a person browsing a Web page can find information or complete any given task.

Visitor - A person who browses a Web page.

White Hat SEO - The optimization of a Web site using only techniques outlined in a search engine's guidelines.

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