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Understanding SEO Concepts


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Since Google(wikipedia link) is the main player in the Web search industry, this article will focus mainly on Google. The Search Engine Optimization effort is all about three simple concepts:

1 - Listing your Web Site in Google

Google crawls Web sites and stores them as cache on Google's Servers. Unless it is done, your site will not be listed in Google's search results. Therefore, search engine visibility is extremely important. One of options achieve this visibility is to submit an XML sitemap(wikipedia link) to Google.

2 - Content Recognition

Google tries to understand the content of each of your pages using artificial intelligence and other techniques. Google also tries to associate your site with commonly used search queries known as keywords(wikipedia link). All such associations are combined in the Google index. Though the algorithms Google uses are kept secret, there are number of things can be done for the content recognition. First, make sure your page content is meaningful. Be sure that your pages have proper titles, headers, and valid HTML with proper keywords. If necessary, optimize your pages. Google has a guide(Google PDF) document you can review. This entire process is called on-site search engine optimization (SEO)(wikipedia link).

3 - Getting Results

Once a user submits a search query, Google locates all relevant pages in its index and outputs them in order of relevance. Google also determines what pages are the "best". Therefore to position higher, many things should be done. For start, web site should be hosted by a fast hosting environment. Next, ensure that there are links from other sites pointing to your pages. Google believes that the importance of your page is determined by the number and quality of inbound links(wikipedia link); therefore, publicity is extremely important. This entire process called off-site SEO. Off-site SEO optimization usually includes managing link solicitation campaigns, creating link magnets, and use of other techniques.

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