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System Administration

System Administration

Consulting Land offers complete architecture, design, and implementation of a new network infrastructure; optimization and tuning of an existing network. "On-site" services are available in the NY Tri-State area.

Network Services

High-availability network services for your office network include work on firewalls, LDAP services, implementation of load balancing and multi-homed ISP connections, and configuration and support of Microsoft Exchange servers. "On-site" services are available in the NY Tri-State area.

Database Administration

Our skilled consultants can create and configure databases; enhance the performance of existing databases; create, update, and manage database schemas; and implement backup and recovery procedures that are efficient, safe, and easy to maintain. Every service includes comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation and training, as necessary. "On-site" services are available in the NY Tri-State area.

Hosting Solutions

Consulting Land offers a range of reasonably-priced shared hosting options, as well as dedicated and virtual dedicated hosting at our data center or in affiliation with our hosting provider partners. All plans come with a 99.9% uptime commitment and round-the-clock support. All data centers feature integrated monitoring and fire systems, cutting-edge security technology, and 24/7 onsite security staff.

All of our hosting commitments are "managed". This means that we take care of everything, from installing your Web site and applications to setting up the entire environment, including databases, e-mail, DNS records, etc. Our Network and Support Engineers take care of your Web environment so that you can concentrate on your business.

Backup Solutions

We offer backup solutions for your data. Most organizations do not focus on backup and recovery processes and technologies until it is too late. The results are greater costs, diminished productivity, and, ultimately, loss of end-user and customer confidence. Properly implemented and configured backup solutions from leading market vendors can save not just your time, but possibly your entire business.

Installation of Hardware and Network Devices

Consulting Land performs professional configuration and installation of file and print servers, domain controllers, remote access servers, hubs, network interface cards, switches, routers, and other environment. "On-site" services are available in the NY Tri-State area.

Hardware and Software upgrades

We offer hardware and software upgrades and professional recommendations for server and workstation configurations. "On-site" services are available in the NY Tri-State area.