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DMIND Corporation (1996-2002)


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Corporate History

DMIND Corporation (established originally as Dynamind LLC) was founded in 1996 as Web Development agency, and was based in New York City. The company offered nGia (in-house-designed Enterprise CMS) for content management, workflow, versioning, application integration and deployment. It also offered creative solutions, such as corporate identity, logo development, Web site design, site architecture. In addition, technology solutions were offered including enterprise Web development, updates and support, knowledge management, and hosting. DMIND has also specialised in custom application development comprising eCommerce, customer information aggregation, task manager, recruitment engines, online registrations, corporate directories, etc.

DMIND Corporation's Web solutions helped its customers to create, deploy, and manage Web applications and related assets. DMIND served advertising/research, media reporting, application service providers, government payment services, content delivery/broadband, education/public service, energy/utilities/industrial, networking/data telecom, and technology/consulting companies; and had a portfolio of 400+ successfully completed Web projects, among which are Web site for Hess, and a brand idenity and a corporate logo created for Akamai Technologies.

Dmind Corporation had the following corporate contacts:

161 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038
TEL: (212) 487-7400

The DMIND's Intellectual Properties were acquired by Mitsui LTD, a Japanese conglomerate. Following the acquisition the DMIND Corporation has ceased operations in 2002.

DMIND Corporation

Disclaimer: Consulting Land is not associated in any way with the above corporation, or with the owners or officers of the above corporation.

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