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Do you need to create a strategy to improve your B2C, B2B or E-Commerce business, need help with Digital Marketing or Web Analytics?

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Web Strategies

Web Strategies

As a Web Solutions Provider, Consulting Land is committed to understanding your business, providing and implementing practical solutions, and measuring the results. We can help you uncover new or better ways of leveraging the Web to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Web Strategy Development

Through our dynamic discovery process, we will help answer questions you may have. Our extensive expertise in user experience, marketing, branding, development and management allows us to combine complex concepts and ideas into achievable plans, specific to your organization's goals.

Web Analytical Services

Our Web analytical solutions provide the technology, analysis, and reporting necessary to make decisions regarding the optimization of your Web site.

Web Assets Evaluation

We will help you identify whether or not your current Web assets, such as your Internet site, Extranets, and Intranets are supporting the goals of your organization. We will conduct a series of interviews with your senior management, use our resources to outline areas of improvement, and implement initiatives to help your business grow.

Online Marketing

At Consulting Land, our goal is to bring a desired amount of traffic to your Web site. In order to achieve it, we can analyze your marketing performance in relation to current traffic, business and conversion goals, and will recommend the most effective on-line marketing strategies.