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IBM Analytics Tracking Codes

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Why do we need URL Tracking Codes?

By capturing and classifying the referral traffic, Web Analytics can help to identify the most effective ways to drive more visitors to the website.

With URL Tracking, you can add parameters to any destination URL you want to send traffic to. For example, you might want to know how many users click a Banner Ad, came to the web site and converted (purchased something).

How URL Tracking is working

To set up URL Tracking, add parameters to the end of a URL. The parameter is variable-value pair that contain the campaign identifying information. We recommend you use transparent names and keep track of what campaigns each value relates to. Note, all values should be in lower case, use dashes instead of spaces.

Separate the parameters from a URL with a question mark. List the variables and values as pairs separated by an equals sign. Separate each variable-value pair with an ampersand.

IBM Analytics (former Coremetrics) Tracking Codes

Fill in the fields below

Website URL (required)


Type of Marketing (required)

Publisher or Placement (required)

e.g. ask, cnet, google, yahoo

Agency or Service Provider

e.g. agency name, or leave blank if no agency

Campaign Name (required)

e.g. back-to-school

Unique Ad Name or Unique Identifier (required)

e.g. 600x200, top-banner

Start Date (required)



You can copy-paste the above URL in to your campaign.

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