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Premium Calculator

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Why this is important

Spot price is the market price of a Precious Metal, which fluctuates on a minute-to-minute basis, like any commodity traded on the market. Premium is any additional cost and charges above the spot price, which accounts for the costs of obtaining the Precious Metal. Premium may include brokerage fees, shipping, tax, insurance, storage container, etc.

Fill up the below form

Price for One Coin ($):
Please provide value.

Coin Weight (OZ):
Value could be 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.1, etc.

Total Coins in Order:
Value could be 1, 10, 20, etc.

State Sales Tax (%):
Value could be 0, 6.625, etc.

Any Additional Cost ($)
Total additional order charges (storage, fees, etc.)

Spot Price ($):
Market price per 1 OZ.

Results of Calculations:

Premium ($):

Premium (%):
Premium within 10% generally considered acceptable.

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