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Do you need to create a strategy to improve your B2C, B2B or E-Commerce business, need help with Digital Marketing or Web Analytics?

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Web Analytics

Consulting Land is an expert in Adobe Analytics implemenations using Adobe Launch Tag Manager System.

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Consulting Services and Solutions

Consulting Services and Solutions

We are Adobe Analytics Experts!

Adobe Analytics helps turning your insight into action with data-driven decisions that can help you convert the potential leads into customers and optimize the ROI. Adobe Analytics offers insights on user sessions, page views, session duration, traffic sources, conversion goal, bounce rate (lack of interest) and more.

Adobe Analytics offers the following:

Data segmentation
Mine real time insights using unlimited filtering and segmentation capabilities and take real-time customer engagement, promotion related decisions.

Adobe Analytics Workspace
Workspace is a stable, fast and continually improving drag-and-drop report builder environment for creating and analyzing interactive dashboards.

Calculated metrics builder
The Calculated Metrics Builder provides a simple drag and drop user interface to track metrics based on dimensions, business rules, hierarchy and operators.

Creating Business Solutions

Consulting Land solutions can improve your business's performance in all areas of operation. Our approach in helping businesses is simple. We first make a clear assessment of the client's goals. We then draw from our years of experience in developing e-business solutions and match these goals with the most current, proven technologies and online marketing strategies available. Our professionals deliver tangible business value to our clients, while minimizing costs and implementation time frames... read more >>