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Project Management

Project Management

Consulting Land is dedicated to delivering of successful projects across the software development industry, utilizing Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology. Our commitment is to assist you in applying the best possible technology solutions while employing and incorporating mature project management principles to exceed customer expectations.

By using 5-step process in project management, we are able to successfully address all of a project's demands.

Introduction Phase

Consulting Land works alongside our client's IT Management Planning Group and Marketing and Sales departments toward defining the scope of the project and assisting with corporate policy formation toward the project objectives.

Discovery Phase

During the discovery phase, we analyze all remaining information and technologies and create a case study that outlines our recommendations.

Planning Phase

During this phase, our work is focused on developing a budget and project plan, along with the creation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) that outlines all the client's needs.

Execution Phase

Consulting Land supervises the entire implementation of the project plan, monitors progress, tracks changes, and assesses risk and cost metrics. During this phase, we constantly provide our clients with reports that note project progress and any changes affecting the scope of the project or the budget.

Closeout Phase

We conduct the final scope delivery review (quality assessment) to verify that all deliverables are completed and all project objectives have been met.